Kellie provides Organisational Development consulting services to organisations primarily focused on Leadership Development and Organisational culture change. Typical questions she may work with organisations to solve are:

  • How can you foster the necessary changes in your culture to deliver on your business strategy?

  • How do you build the capability to move toward a customer centric culture?

  • How do you build the capability to make more robust and wiser business decisions when managing complex risk?

  • Does you leadership development approach actually develop your leaders' capacity to cope with increasing complexity?

  • How are you maximising the utilisation of talent both inside and outside of your company to drive greater customer service?

  • Do your succession management processes promote on the job learning to accelerate the development of your high potential employees and foster leadership learning that will help them work with higher levels of complexity?

  • How are you engaging your team to harness the power of their perspective to drive your change agenda?

  • How do you work with the complexity of engaging multiple generations of employees within the workforce?

Organisational life is complex and ever changing. The tools and methods Kellie uses are based on contemporary evidence based research on adult development and systems theory.