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For more information about participatory leadership techniques:

Reading material that may be helpful to you:

Systems Thinking

  • Systems Thinking, creative holism for managers - Michael Jackson
  • The Web of Life - Fritjoh Capra
  • The systems thinking playbook - Linda Booth Sweeney and Dennis Meadows
  • Images of an organisation - Gareth Morgan


  • We the People, consenting to deeper democracy - John Buck and Sharon Villines

Adult Development

  • Changing on the job - Jennifer Garvey Berger
  • In over our heads, the mental demands of modern life - Robert Kegan
  • Immunity to Change - Robert Kegan

Organisational Development

  • Mindset - Carol Dweck
  • The five literacies of global leadership - Richard Hames
  • Adaptive Leadership - Ron Heifitz
  • Power and Love - Adam Kahane